Las Vegas Massage Therapy for Neck and Back Pain

massage therapy lasvegas Don't let back pain slow you down! Chronic pain that strikes unexpectedly can impede your ability to lead a full and active life. Here at Las Vegas Neck and Back Clinics, we are committed to helping you achieve freedom from pain so you can enjoy your life to the fullest. If you have sustained a back or neck injury or just want to improve your overall health, massage therapy is an important treatment that can ease pain and speed healing.

Las Vegas Massage Therapist Speeds Up Healing and Pain Management

If you are new to massage therapy, you may think of massages as a nice indulgence when you visit the spa. Sure, a massage feels good and is a great way to relax. But massage therapy is much more than this. Certified massage therapists study the science behind this important therapeutic treatment, mastering important techniques that will help your body heal and manage chronic pain.

Massage therapy is critical component of pain management and promotes you body's natural healing process. Massage causes your blood pressure to drop as you begin to relax, along with the production of Cortisol, a common stress hormone. By relaxing your muscles, tension is released, reducing the occurrence of painful contractions, spasms and nerve compressions that aggravate back pain.

When our massage therapists knead your muscles, fresh, oxygenated blood enters your muscles and joints, invigorating your muscle tissue. Toxins, like lactic acid, are flushed out. Manual therapies also stimulate the release of endorphins, the body's natural painkiller. This promotes natural healing while also relieving pain.

During your first appointment, our massage therapist will talk with you about your sources of pain and your treatment goals. We will then tailor a treatment program to your unique needs. Sessions can last between 15 to 60 minutes, depending on the type of therapy. Your massage therapist will use a combination of gentle strokes and firm kneading to promote healing in your muscles, tendons and ligaments. During your treatment, you may feel a mild aching sensation as our massage therapist applies pressure to sources of muscle tension. This is perfectly normal and part of the healing process. Following your massage, your body will be relaxed, and you will feel an inner peace and a deep calm.

Las Vegas patients choose our rehabilitation center because of our talented massage therapists and experienced team. Here at the Las Vegas Neck and Back Clinics, we have a team of eleven Chiropractic Physicians and various physiotherapists. Together with our massage therapists, we work speed rehabilitation and improve pain management through chiropractic care and physiotherapy. Our team is led by Dr. Benjamin S. Lurie, an experienced chiropractor who has personally helped over 4,000 patients.

We believe that massage therapy is an important part of an overall wellness strategy. Depending on your source of pain, you may also benefit from physiotherapy or alignment care from our Las Vegas chiropractor. Our goal with treatment is to correct your underlying cause of pain and promote internal healing to prevent future problems. Let us help you with a massage therapy treatment today!

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