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Our Downtown Las Vegas chiropractor provides natural healing and wellness care for auto accident injuries and personal sports injuries. We specialize in chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy for car crash injuries, including sore necks and backs. The Neck and Back Clinics office in Downtown Las Vegas treats our patients with friendly smiles as we encourage natural healing over traditional and expensive medical offices. Our chiropractic office provides pain management techniques, including deep tissue massage, and sports doctors to help rehab from sports injuries.

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A car accident or other personal injury can lead to serious back and neck pain. If you are suffering from chronic pain, our downtown Las Vegas chiropractic team can help. The Neck and Back Clinics’ Downtown location is conveniently located to serve patients in neighboring Huntridge Park, Arts District, Gateway District and Orleans Square. From auto accident injury rehabilitation assistance to pain relief, our clinic can make a significant difference for your health.

The Neck and Back Clinics Downtown office provides comprehensive chiropractic services for injuries with specific focus on auto injuries such as whiplash. Without proper treatment, a whiplash injury can lead to neck pain, headaches and migraines. You may struggle to sleep at night, sit comfortably during the day, or concentrate on simple tasks while at work. While medication may provide temporary relief, chiropractic care and rehabilitation is the best way to achieve long-term pain relief.

Las Vegas car accident injury patients choose our Downtown office because of our convenient location, personalized service, and passionate commitment to helping you heal. Our Downtown Las Vegas chiropractic team understands just how challenging and frustrating it is to suffer from chronic pain after an injury. This is especially true if you are the victim of a car accident injury or workplace injury. If you have been injured in an accident, you do not need to suffer in pain. Make an appointment to come see us.

Our Downtown Las Vegas chiropractic office is in the perfect location to serve your chiropractic care and pain management needs. We are centrally located to residential living, commercial businesses, restaurants and shopping centers. We are just minutes from the most vibrant places in downtown Las Vegas, including the Arts District, Huntridge Park, Gateway District, and Orleans Square.

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