Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Suddenly, a sharp, piercing pain shoots through your wrist and up your arm. Is it a passing cramp? You may have carpal tunnel syndrome.

In the early phases of the carpal tunnel syndromes, you might feel burning, tingling, or an itchy numbness in your palm and fingers, especially in your thumbs, index fingers, and middle fingers. It might even feel like your hands are swollen, even though you see no evidence of swelling.

NECK AND BACK FACT: Illnesses can increase your risk for carpal tunnel syndrome, including an overactive pituitary gland or underactive thyroid gland, rheumatoid arthritis, mechanical problems in the wrist bones and connective tissue and fluid retention especially during pregnancy or menopause.

Sometimes tendons become irritated and inflamed or other swelling occurring in the hand or wrist narrows the size of the carpal tunnel in a way that pinches the median nerve. When this happens, you may feel pain, numbness or weakness in your hand and wrist that sometimes radiates up your arm.

Nonsurgical treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome is effective for many sufferers, and should begin as soon as possible for an optimal outcome. The chiropractor physicians and care specialists at The Neck and Back Clinics provide patient-focused chiropractic care; massage therapy and physiotherapy [Nevada clinics]/physical medicine modalities and therapeutic procedures (PMMTP) [Arizona clinics], including stretching and strengthening exercises, to help relieve your carpal tunnel syndrome pain. Click here to find a location in your area.

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