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Dr. Matthew C. Olmstead has been a practicing chiropractic physician since 2003. He joined The Neck and Back Clinics as an Associate later that year, and grew with the group of clinics to become Partner in 2009. With the growth of The Neck and Back Clinics, and its expanding number of clinic locations, chiropractic physicians and support team, Dr. Olmstead’s role has evolved to include a greater role in managing overall clinic operations. Along with Dr. Benjamin S. Lurie, he leads the clinical operations of the chiropractic physicians and chiropractic assistants to ensure the primary mission of the clinics, that is, to provide high quality care to all patients. Dr. Olmstead is also responsible for leading the clinic support staff who help the clinics run smoothly while providing quality patient care and a positive overall experience.

Dr. Olmstead has a tremendous level of knowledge and experience, with extensive training and years of working with patients with a range of injuries. He earned a Doctorate Degree in Chiropractic (cum laude, 2002) and a Bachelor of Science Degree from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon, after several years of foundation study in Exercise and Movement Science at the University of Oregon.

Dr. Olmstead continues to expand his professional medical training knowledge by attending continuing education events on a range of topics, including:

  • Advanced Proceedings in Whiplash and Brain Trauma
    Spine Research Institute of San Diego
  • Manipulation Under Anesthesia Certification Course Southern
    California University of Health Services
  • “Crash” into Vehicular Trauma: A Medicolegal Perspective
    College of Forensic Science
  • Sports Injuries & Nutritional Needs of Athletes
    Southern California University of Health Sciences
  • Graston Technique
    Graston Technique, Inc.
  • Additional courses:
    • Nutrition for Musculoskeletal Trauma
    • Preparation Tips for Trial & Deposition
    • Benefits of Spinal Manipulation
    • Risks of Spinal Manipulation
    • Physical Therapy

With Dr. Olmstead’s level of expertise and an extraordinary ability to connect with patients through easy-to-understand explanations, he is a well-regarded chiropractic physician amongst his colleagues and patients, alike. In fact, over the years, he has been asked to participate in dozens of trials and depositions to provide his professional opinions.

Outside of the clinics, Dr. Olmstead has served in a number of volunteer positions as a Boy Scout Leader.

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