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If you’ve been injured and/or suffering from debilitating pain and other symptoms, you want to find a chiropractic specialist as soon as possible without the hassle of traveling out of your way for treatment. That’s why The Neck and Back Clinics is happy to offer local chiropractic care for Henderson residents just like you. Our Green Valley – St. Rose location, conveniently located at 2960 St. Rose Parkway, is ready to help you get over your nagging discomfort, restore your range of motion, and generally enjoy a higher quality of life.

Here at The Neck and Back Clinics, our chiropractic team can treat a wide range of conditions, but our particular focus is the diagnosis and non-invasive treatment of auto accident injuries. These injuries may include whiplash, thoracic or lumbar misalignment, herniated discs, and all the symptoms associated with these conditions, such as neck pain, back pain, nerve dysfunction and stiffness. At the opposite end of the scale, an auto injury may cause no symptoms at all — at first. This leads you into a false sense of security, allowing an undetected problem to grow steadily worse. Even if you have no symptoms immediately after an auto accident, you should always get checked out by our chiropractic team in Henderson just to play it safe.


Trust The Neck and Back Clinics in Henderson, NV to help you get over your auto injury the natural way, without surgery or unnecessary medication. Our team in Henderson can bring a wide range of non-invasive techniques to bear on your condition, based on your specific physical needs and challenges. Spinal adjustment and decompression, for instance, can realign your spine and shift herniated discs back into their proper place (and away from sensitive nerve roots). Massage therapy can help speed healing to injured muscles and undo adhesions (internal scar tissue that can inhibit your range of motion). Corrective exercises and other forms of rehabilitation can help put strength back into weakened, damaged or atrophied muscles while also improving your flexibility so you can move better with less pain.

If you have a chronic pain condition that doesn’t lend itself to complete resolution, our pain management techniques can help you minimize discomfort and regain control of your daily life. If you suffer from permanent or long-term nerve damage, for instance, regular adjustments, nutritional support and other forms of therapy can give your nerves the best possible circumstances for optimal function. Fibromyalgia sufferers will appreciate chiropractic treatment due to its ability to normalize nerve responses, even as massage therapy helps break up the agonizing muscle knots associated with their condition.

From acute auto injury treatment to pain management and rehabilitation, The Neck and Back Clinics in Henderson, can serve as your family’s trusted provider of natural healing modalities. Contact our Green Valley – St. Rose team today to schedule an initial consultation and evaluation.

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